Event time: 6th October 00:00:00 Ė 12th October 23:59:59


a. Each day all quests will be reset after 00:00:00, and player can only click the light chest to take the quest.

b. Player can only take one quest each time, if you want take more, you may need complete quest first.

c. Each chest has one quest, complete the quest you can get the chest prize.
Players also can spend 10 gold to refresh the quest and rewards.

d. If all line is light, (donít need all quest finished), players can get the finial chest.

Final chest: Open will get one following items on random: Sky Wheel Star*1, Pet Star*1, Reindeer gem pack*1, Hero Card-Jud-Hops, Hero Card-Chie-Bing, the ninth equipment*1, Enchant Scroll +20 or Enhancement Scroll+10

Complete the quest and claim final chest can get extra prize.

Quest like "Raise Hero Start 3 Times" "Enhance any equipment 3 times"
To complete these quest, you need to successfully raise your hero three times or enhance any equipment three times. Please note that failure of raising attempts will not be accumulated.