Event time: 4th August 00:00:00 10th August 23:59:59

Players click icon into the interface

a. Use a lucky draw to spin the double wheel.
b. Players need choose the score to begin the spin.
c. Choose each score need one lucky draw.

Each draw will 100% to get the in-game item and have chance to get the score

How to get the score?
If you choose and the wheel also arrive 2, you will get 2 score, if you choose 20, and wheel arrive 20, you will get 20 score. But if you choose 3, and wheel arrive 2, you will only get in-game items and no score for this spin.

d. Winning score: if you choose the score and the wheel arrive the same score, the winning times will add 1, so if your winning times reach the requirement, you can claim the rewards
The prize winning record will be cleared 00:00:00 each day.

e. Players also can use score in the score shop to exchange items.

f. If your score is 350+ and you will be on the rank to claimed the rewards when the event ends.

All the date will be cleared after event ends.