Event time: 28th July 00:00:00- 3rd August 23:59:59
Claim time: 4th August 00:00:00-4th August 23:59:59

a. Use pickaxe to reveal items hidden under ice cube (5 free attempts each day), chance to get rare items.

b. Break ice cube will shown a number indicates how many items hidden within nearby 8 cubes.

c. Get all treasures to finish exploration, you can use reset button to restart exploration, does not cost gold, reset unfinished exploration requires gold.

d. Break ice will get points, each cube worth 10 points; collect enough points to claim corresponding rewards.

e. The points record will be reset at 24:00, daily and total rank list available.

f. Event points can be used to exchange items in event shop (Voucher shop).

g. Use 1-click feature can remove all ice cubes to get all items and points.

a. Shop point will be clear after event settlement.