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Thread: Realm merger request

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    Hi, there will be a notice when it come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasheen View Post
    well, my last post was on 28.06 and we're in 05.08 today and no action taken yet.

    guess that's kind of an auto-reply as to what's going to go on regarding the realm merger, or rather yet should I be saying "what's not going to happen regarding the realm merger" instead ?

    Like every reply on the joyheat servers, they will consider it, but they do not act on it.
    I have asked this also before because on the koram servers , they have been taken over from Koram to joyheat, are also not much players left.
    But that has been more then 1 year ago and still nothing happens.
    They will probably wait till we are all done with those promises and nothing happens, so then we will leave, and they can decommision the servers to use them for other games.


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