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    Interesting Find

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    So you want us to BUY units, BUY skills cause the only people who have passed these campaigns have done that. No I agree it is all possible but these players who have passed it have spent upwards of 10000 dollars on the game. What you are here for is solely a paycheck and dont give a **** how it is obtained, you have continously lied to all the players about what is going on and provide no actual help to any of us even though that is your sole job. There isnt a worse gaming company out there than this so called joyheat, you cant even fix simple problems. Is this run out of one of your parents basements, where they pay all the bills and try to help there worthless kid and a couple of his buddies?

    This post was on another Joyheat game.

    I decided to read through other game forums and found the EXACT same problems we are facing here. And guess what? NOT ONE player problem was fixed. NOT ONE. Same issue Mctiger is having others have faced on other games and problem was NEVER fixed by devs.

    Also found out that Joyheat was banned from having games on Facebook...wonder why huh?

    My advise to not spend another dime on this game. This game IS run by a bunch of kids in their mothers basement. Hundreds of people have quit their other games and their games are all dead.

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    so far joy heat has done a horrible job... n for god sakes get some1 who knows how to read n write english LOL
    joy heat is a joke... adrenaline i think we should buy thier games n drive them outta biznass!!!!

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    sure buddy

    games are worth about $2, i got a dollar, wanna go 50/50 with me? lol

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    Hey guys.

    I play Generals War. And I could not agree more with you guys. Joyheat got the worst customer service ever. It is also a "free" game. But if you want to advance you need to pay up, or wait a year. Doing your dailys. Getting your ass wooped. Smile and be happy. I dont even think the devs even read the forums. Its there game. They need to act. If they dont. I guess we gamers should unite, and everyone simply stop playing, and paying. From one day to another.

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