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Thread: fix this game...

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    I have a suggestion how to fix it
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    Quote Originally Posted by CryptKilla View Post
    You are right. Lv 30 has no chance to beat Lv 70.
    I have an idea about this problem, but I am not really sure if this could work. After that, complete arena maybe
    will be useless.
    Arena should maybe have a restriction like following:
    Players with level +/-5 can attack each others. For example: if you are Lv 50, you can attack only players in range from Lv 45 - Lv 55.

    But this restriction brings some negative points into the game. If there not much players online in that time, you will not have any opponent.
    No battles, no honor, nothing...

    Hello, on this occasion can one suggestion to make, and that if you add mobs like in RTG last 4 so that they are level starting from 20th and finishing with 100, and more specifically: 25lvl 30 lvl 35 lvl 40lvl, etc. Well, you did not think about such a correction of this inconvenience?
    I imagine 40 lvl, press attack in PvP, there is currently no suitable opponent's level, in this connection after a certain portion of the time comes Bot, such as God Of Mage or Priest Of God
    What do you think about this?
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