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    Lightbulb [Guide] Legion War

    [Guide] Legion War

    Opening period: 21:00--21:30 on every Tuesday and Saturday

    Competition system:
    Legion War takes two rounds in all.

    First round:Legions will be ranked on their activity level at 23:59:59 every Sunday. The top 8 Legions will be qualified for the preliminaries on Tuesday. If there are fewer than 8 legions in a server, all existing legions in this sever will be arranged into the preliminaries. Then legions will be grouped randomly, 4 legions in a group. All the players can check the group information in the Legion War interface before the battle. Defeating players from other legions, participants will earn scores for their own legion. After the final countdown in the first round, the two legions with highest scores in each group will advanced into the second round.

    Second round:The four winning legions in the first round are qualified for the final.

    Top 8 Legions ranked by legion activity level will be qualified for the first round. All members in those legions will be automatically queued into Legion war.

    Activity:The total exp a legion has gained from 0:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday in a week is counted as this legion’s “Activity” value of the next week.

    Battle Summaryefeating other players or achieving kill streak will generate scores for players’ own legions. By the end of Legion War, legions with higher scores grab the victory.

    No matter players win or loss in a battle, they will obtain a certain amount of reputation and silvers as rewards. After a player wins a battle, another random opponent will be assigned to him/her by the matchmaking system at once. However, heroes of this player will not have their lost HP restored in the new battle until a defeat.

    Win:If a player wins a battle, he/she will not only get reputation and silvers but also bring scores to his/her own legion.
    For players who win a previous battle, neither will their heroes have lost HP restored in the next battle nor will their fallen heroes revive and return to the formation.

    Lose:If a player loses a battle, he/she will only get a handful of reputation, and silvers plus 1-point score for his/her own legion.
    Players who have just lost a battle will quit matching queue automatically to rest for HP restored. They need to click “Enter Battle” to rejoin the matching queue.

    Kill streak:If a player has won more than 1 consecutive battle, they will obtain kill streak bonus, or rather, more reputation, silvers and scores.

    How to join a battle:Players must click the “Enter Battle” button to join the matching queue or else they will not engage the enemies.
    Players can click “Stop Battle” button to quit the matching queue manually. All heroes players deploy in their formation will then have their HP fully restored.
    Players will be forced out of the matching queue automatically with all heroes’ HP fully restored after they are defeated in a battle. They need to click “Enter battle” again to rejoin the matching queue.

    Ares's Rage:It can enhance the fighting capacity of all heroes deployed in the formation by 10%. This buff takes effect only in Legion War. Ares's Rage can increase heroes’ attributes by 10% per time and by 100% at maximum.

    Normal Ares's Rage:It is a special item that can be used to provide players’ heroes with 10% fighting capacity bonus at a success rate of 40%.

    Divine Ares's Rage:VIP3+ players can use 10 gold to enable Ares's Rage buff directly. Divine Ares rage can provide players’ heroes with 10% fighting capacity bonus per time at a success rate of 100%.

    Individual Rewards:

    Bye:If players draw a bye in the Legion War, they won’t be rewarded with any reputation. However, players can still obtain a handful of silvers based on the level of their own main character.

    Lose: If players lose a battle, they will gain 1-point reputation and a handful of silvers based on the level of their own main character.

    Kill streak: Players will obtain 5-point reputation when they defeat their first opponent. If players have achieved 2 kill streaks, they will obtain 10-point reputation and more silvers. For 3 kill streak, the reward will be 15-point reputation and considerable silvers. On the one hand, the amount of silvers players can get is dependent on two factors, namely kill streak and the level of players’ own main characters. The higher kill streaks and main characters’ levels are, the more silvers players can get. On the other hand, from 1 kill streak to 20 kill streaks, players can obtain 5 more points of reputation for every 1 more kill streaks. However, please note after 21 kill streaks, players’ reputation gain will be kept at 105 until 40 kill streaks. Then From 41 kill streaks, players won’t be able to obtain reputation any more.

    Shut down:Shutting down an enemy’s kill streak will provide players with extra reputation. The reputation players can gain by shutting down an enemy with not less than 2 kill streaks amounts to the number of kill streak*10. For example, if you shut down an opponent with 10 kill streaks, you will obtain an extra 100-point reputation. Please note you cannot obtain extra silvers by shutting down enemies.

    Legion rewards:
    The winning legions in the first round:
    Victory Gift Pack(all members)
    Treasure Blue Devine Soul*1; Thearchy EXP card*5; Blue Soul Crystal Card*3; Ares’s Rage*5.

    The losing legions in the first round:
    Encouragement Gift Pack (all members)
    Soul of God*5;Thearchy EXP card*1;Blue Soul Crystal Card*1;Ares's Rage*3.

    Second round Champion:
    Champion Gift Pack: (All members)
    Purple divine soul*1;Thearchy EXP card*10;Blue Soul Crystal Card*5;Purple Soul Crystal Card(big)*3; Purple equipment chest*1;Ares's Rage*10.

    Second round Runner-up:
    Runner-up Gift Pack: (All members)
    Blue Devine Soul*2;Thearchy EXP card*7;Blue Soul Crystal Card*3;Purple Soul Crystal Card(big)*1; Purple equipment chest*1; Ares's Rage*5.

    Second round3-4 places:
    3-4 places Gift Pack: (All members)
    Blue Devine Soul*1;Thearchy EXP card*5;Blue Soul Crystal Card*1;Purple Soul Crystal Card(small)*1; Purple equipment chest*1; Ares's Rage*3.

    COO Team

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    I'd like to suggest Legion War standing after the event to be posted here in the forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stark View Post
    I'd like to suggest Legion War standing after the event to be posted here in the forum?
    You are able to post your suggest in here.

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    speed up that banner after boss events. The athena event goes on for 30 odd minutes after everyone is long gone and done and clutters the screen up for no good reason. Please just get it to move in time with the event and not trail on for ever.

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    gr8 idea frey... it lags the whole system!!!

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    No need for the banner anyways. just useless cra p we don't need to see

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