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Thread: A Brief Guide -------Advice On Character Growth In GOG

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    A Brief Guide -------Advice On Character Growth In GOG

    1. What should I do first each day?

    (1) Claim Rewards In Bonus

    You can claim following items in Bonus panel:
    a) Daily login crystals. If you log in each day, you can claim more and more crystals each time.
    b) Offline EXP. As many as 48 hours of Offline EXP can be accumulated. You can freely claim or pay to claim the EXP. VIP player can claim more Offline EXP.
    c) Online Reward. You can claim corresponding rewards once in a while as long as you stay online.

    (2) Complete Daily Quests
    Check available daily quests and finish them first! Each quest is easy and requires little time to complete, you can gain hefty amount of EXP! If you have joined a guild, you can also complete daily guild quests!

    (3) Challenge RTG
    RTG is the main source of Skill Points. You can complete RTG dungeons to get SP Books, which can be used to upgrade skills. You can also get hefty amount of crystals, and even new skills and talents! In addition, RTG itself serves as a side quest, and you can also claim massive amount of EXP by completing the quest!

    (4) Complete Dungeons As You Wish

    Click PVE button and choose where you want to go, Solo? Team? Or challenge Hell mode with a bosom friend? Itís all up to you.
    You can get massive amount of Character EXP and Soul EXP in Solo dungeons.
    You can get purple equips in Team dungeons.
    You can get orange equips and event items only buyable with Gold in Hell Mode.
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    1. What can I do to become stronger?

    (1) Split/Combine Equips
    Complete all types of PVE dungeons to get equips. You can split the equipment and combine them into what you want in FurnaceQQ图片20130814174053.jpg

    (2) Enhance Equips
    Click ForgeQQ图片20130814174320.jpg icon and select the equip to enhance. The stats of the equip will surge after enhancement.
    Enhance Stone is required in enhancement, which can be obtained in Eudemon Center.

    (3) Inlay Gems
    Feel hard to enhance? You can also inlay gems into your equips to get bonus stats.
    Gems can be obtained in Eudemon Center or bought from Shop.

    (4) Boost Your Talent
    You can boost your talent in TalentQQ图片20130814174713.jpg interface, no materials are required! You can unlock more talents by challenging RTG.
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    (5) Get Runes
    Rune function is available at Lv35. You can get and equip some runes. As you level up, you can equip more runes. Runes can also get EXP and level up by consuming other runes.
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